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Key features:

  • Designed for DB Plugin (advanced PRTG database monitoring)
  • Includes 15+ queries for instant use
  • Built up on experience from our SAP partners
  • Based on official SAP HANA queries
  • Includes future update support

Ready in 4 steps:

  • Install DB Plugin with SAP Hana Query Package
  • Create Profile for your SAP system in DB Plugin
  • Create EXE/XML sensors in PRTG using DB Plugin and generated parameters
  • Enjoy new monitoring

SAP Hana sensor in DB Plugin and PRTG

Technical specifications

  • SAPHANA_Backup_Check
  • SAPHANA_Execution_Statistics
  • SAPHANA_Features_Depricated
  • SAPHANA_Features_Version
  • SAPHANA_Licenses
  • SAPHANA_Limits
  • SAPHANA_Memory_Caches
  • SAPHANA_Memory_Utilization
  • SAPHANA_Network_Statistics
  • SAPHANA_Replication_Overview
  • SAPHANA_RowStore_Overview
  • SAPHANA_Services
  • SAPHANA_SQLCache_Preparation
  • SAPHANA_StatisticsServer_Alerts_Current
  • SAPHANA_StatisticsServer_Schedule_Alerts
  • SAPHANA_StatisticsServer_Schedule_Collectors
  • SAPHANA_Table_IOStatistics
  • SAPHANA_Table_Overview
  • SAPHANA_Table_TableStatistics
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900 /otc*
$ 1200 /otc*

15+ queries
future updates
Helpdesk 5x8
helpdesk support
*otc = One Time Charge
The prices are in €, excluding VAT. If requested, for second year, we charge the maintenance (access to patches and new releases) by 20% of the original purchase price.

Also included in every plan:

Money-back Guarantee

If for any reason the licensee is not satisfied with the program and if he is the original licensee of the program, he may return the license within the 30 day trial period.

Helpdesk 5x8

The general helpdesk support (mail communication) is included in the price.

Need more DB sensors?

Do you need complete DBMS monitoring template?
Do you need custom DB monitoring or data analyses and you don't have resources to do it?

Download latest version of DB Plugin (it includes 3 SAP Hana queries)

Try our 30-day trial.
There aren't many settings to configure. Just download the installer and the rest is taken care of automatically.

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Version: 1.28
Release Date: 26 September 2019
Changelog: see changes
Total Package Size: 62.7 MB

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