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Get control over your monitoring data!

When shall you use PRTG Data Pump

  • You want to analyze your monitoring data and native PRTG reporting is not enough
  • You would prefer Relational Database storage to PRTG API access to your data
  • You are able to further work with simple SQL schema structure
  • SLA Plugin does not give you all the values you would need
  • You want to use MSSQL, Oracle or other RDBMS to store and analyze your data

Why is our solution the right choice for you?

  • We have more than 10 years of experience with PRTG
  • We have worked with PRTG when the internal DB was still FireBird and accessible to users directly
  • We were missing the direct access, same as thousands of you, ever since
  • We have developped general customizable solution for every use so that you don't need to


With PRTG Network Monitor you have your network, servers, databases and applications including SAP under control. You collect a load of valuable information that is stored in PRTG internal database. Information that could be used for reporting, preemptive actions or analysis. These information are not easy to work with since they are only accessible through PRTG API.
With PRTG Data Pump you have access to your monitoring data in form of relational database within a DBMS of your choice.
Use your data as much as you want and need without limitations.

How it works?

PRTG Data Pump is a desktop application developed by ITPS AG that allows to collect monitoring data out of your PRTG installation into your RDBMS database. You can freely define what groups, devices or sensor data are interested in and for what time period. You define where these data should be stored. And we take care about the rest.
Data Pump will start data collection based on your definition. You can define continuous collection so that all new data will be regularly synced to your DB as well. You can store different data sets to different DBs or multiple data from multiple sources into one DB. You can even collect data from multiple PRTG Core servers into a single database if you wish.

The PRTG Data Pump has a simple user interface where you define all you need for easy data collection:

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